A perfect example of how to take an average photo, add a LayerCake sky and put it into WOW status!

Michael Stern
Cyber Stern


LayerCake has opened up shiny new vistas to my image making! Its possibilities are endless and gives me the freedom to think beyond what I see from the image I capture in my camera. Thank you LayerCake; it is a ton of new ideas!

Penelope P Palumbo
Studio p3


Thank you. I sure didn’t expect such a prompt response and I appreciate it very much. This is my first use of your excellent product. I take a lot of sports pictures.

Neil Hayes, Benjamin School,
Palm Beach County


I’m a professional photographer and needed a tool that would allow me to easily turn good photos into stellar money makers. With LayerCake’s incredible element library I have the freedom to use my creativity without limits!

David Hernandez
Vintage Fantasy Photography


I use your clouds and skies more than anything. This was a triple platinum (over $300,000 wedding) in Monterey Ca, beautiful location – gray skies! Thanks for helping!

DeeDee Dallas
D2 Photography


LayerCake’s collections have become indispensable to our studio. The templates & actions, etc. are excellent tools for composition and creation of more alluring images for slideshows, albums & the like. The tutorials on speeding up my workflow are excellent. Thanks guys!

Pat Denton
Revelation Studios


LayerCake has redefined the way that I do business and expanded my customer base. Everything they offer is user friendly and the end results are absolutely stunning. This is one product that will certainly set you apart from all the rest.

Thea Garcia
Thea’s Photographic Art


I just finished this painting today and wanted to let you know I LOVE LayerCake Elements. Thanks so much and I look forward to creating more with your collections soon!

Vicki Smith
Portraits by Vicki


WOW! Superb! Exceptional! Best thing since sliced bread! All superlatives apply to the Layercake. I truly wish the ease of enhancing my imagery with the Layercake collections had been available throughout my early career as a sports, wedding, and portrait photographer.

Richard S Hockett
MBA, SunRidge Services


I was also impressed with the quality of the backgrounds that I have received. I look forward to using them in my projects.

John Owens
Owens Photo

I want to thank you for taking the time to call me. It makes a huge difference when a company has great, and personalized customer service.

Patty Axford
Patricia Axford Photography