Styles & Blend Modes With Drag & Drop Clouds

Styles & Blend Modes With Drag & Drop Clouds

In this tutorial, we make the skies more interesting. If you have a picture that is dull with just plain blue sky, you can use Layercake photos in our skies gallery. These are high quality photo backgrounds, and high resolution pictures, which are best for editing. It is easy, and simple. We have hundreds of sky collections that can make your photographs resulting into better and more creative background images in your pictures. All you can do is just simple drag-and-drop method, and let the magic of editing begins.

For starters, open a picture with your favourite photo editing software. In this example, we are using Photoshop. With your photograph having a sky dead blue picture, and uninteresting plain trees, try to imagine what you want to happen with your photos to give an interesting look and feel. In this example, we want a “misty look” of the picture.

1.) Using the Bridge tool of Photoshop, we begin by selecting the sky images in our collection. In this example use the file wispy blue 001.

2.) Press the shift key, and drag and drop to the image.

3.) Next is to mask the image. Masking is a method in Photoshop. It is one of the easiest and simple tools to edit your photos without harming the original image. It is like showing your original picture, and you can select which ones you plan to keep hidden, and which one you want to show. And by doing this is to apply the LAYER MASK and brushing it, which can be found at the bottom part of your Layer tool.

4.) Next, is use the BLEND MODE option in your layer tool fx button, (which is left side part of the layer mask button) and pick SCREEN in the blending options to mask the image. This will give an effect to the image with a “misty” like look.

5.) After that, use the brush tool with black for changing the opacity, which will make your photos add depth, and little bit of shades. These are simple tricks to make the details of your pictures frosty cool. You can paint away anywhere you like, and be able to give more meaning to your pictures.

6.) If you happen to have a mistake or do not like what you see, you can bring back the original color by brushing it with white, or fill with the bucket tool to start over. To make your brushing, much easier, you can use the “X” key in your keyboard, to switch back and forth of the black and white colors.

7.) If you think, it needs more depth, just pick the Contrast Level Adjustment just right beside the layer mask. Use the slider to adjust until you get the right feel.

8.) Clip the image, by right clicking the image, and click Create Clicking Mask. You can also use the shortcut method by pressing ALT + Click in between layers. Clipping is a good tool to create effects in organized manner in your masked layers together.

You can play around with the image until you’re happy with the results. The possibilities are endless in LayerCake, making your photographs more interesting. A simple drag-and-drop and masking, can give more character with your photos.

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