Skies III Pro-Panel Bundle $249.00

With The StudioMagic® Pro-Panel, sky replacement is no longer like Rocket Science!

Bundled with Skies III & our Amazing New Drag & Drop Cloud Formations & CloudBanks the sky’s the limit on creativity!

Sky replacement used to entail watching countless YouTube videos, attending mind-numbing seminars and understanding the arcane principles of alpha channels. LayerCake’s new StudioMagic Pro-Panel just changed the rules for good!

• A quick & easy way to replace a dull blown-out sky or to enhance the existing one
• Takes the worry out of balancing your exposure for overcast or hot sunny skies
• Makes one star reject images with ordinary cloudless skies, into four star keepers
• Easy enough for a PhotoShop novice, yet robust enough for a professional
• The perfect tool for Photographers, Designers, Art Directors even Amateurs who work and play in PhotoShop

INCLUDES: The StudioMagic Pro-Panel is the only “One-Click” tool for replacing blown-out and dull skies in minutes.If you already own the Pro-Panel… all you need is Skies III and the Drag & Drop Cloud Formations and CloudBanks Skies III , 100 All New High resolution, 300 dpi, 5616 Pixels wide, heights vary

– 5 Clear Blues
– 20 High Clouds
– 10 Ominous
– 20 Sunset & Dawn
– 15 Wispy
– 10 Dramatic
– 20 Puffys

120 All New Drag & Drop Cloud Formations and CloudBanks from big puffy Cumulus to Wispy Cirrus, with a simple Drag & Drop, make any cloudless sky more exciting. Each Cloud Formation & Cloud Bank is a 300 dpi smart object that can easily be enlarged for any size image. If you already own the Drag & Drop Clouds & CloudBanks Lite Collection, we will discount this collection with proof of purchase. Compatibility

– The StudioMagic Pro-Panel is compatible ONLY with CS5, CS6 and Creative Cloud
– Skies III and Drag & Drop Clouds are compatible with any version of Photoshop & recent versions of Elements that can work with layers
– All LayerCake collections are compatible with Mac OS or Windows PCs