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With our Ultimate Skies Bundle & our amazing new Drag & Drop Cloud Formations & CloudBanks You’ll never have Dull Skies Again!

A quick & easy way to replace a dull blown out sky or to enhance the existing one

• Takes the worry out of balancing your exposure for overcast or hot sunny skies
• Makes one star reject images with ordinary cloudless skies, into four star keepers
• Easy enough for a PhotoShop novice, yet robust enough for a professional
• The perfect tool for Photographers, Designers, Art Directors even Amateurs who work and play in PhotoShop


  • Skies I
  • Skies II
  • Skies III
  • ValueSkyes Blues
  • ValueSkys Goldens
  • ValueSkys Dramatics
  • ValueSkys Ominous
  • Cloudbanks & Cloud Formations
  • Clouds and Cloudbanks
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This collection of over 320 stunning, professionally photographed, skies includes Dramatic; Stormy; Sunsets; Golden; Puffy White; and, Wispy Blue. This collection is a must for adding drama and excitement to a dull lifeless image with a washed out sky in it.  When you use the StudioMagic I Pro Panel, a plug-in extension for Adobe Photoshop, one can seamlessly replace a dull sky with one of the gorgeously stunning skies in the collection. Seamless sky replacement, completed in a matter of seconds, is now at your fingertips.
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