The Master Collection

The Master Collection


LayerCake’s entire seven Elements Collections + a few extra bonuses

You’ll get, Skies1, Skies2, Trees & Overhangs, Flowers & Plants, Birds & Animals, Albums & Backgrounds and the Album Accent Suite. Plus our special Bonus Pak with nine pages of Earth, Wind and Fire and last but not least, a Virtual Studio from of our yet to be released Studio Magic collection! The Master Collection is the ultimate Photoshop tool for making ordinary images extraordinary!

Photoshop Elements for Professionals & Beginners

Bonus Pak Mountains

Bonus Pak Landscapes

Bonus Pak Waterfalls

Bonus Pak Rainbows & Lightning

Bonus Pak Smoke & Fire

Bonus Pak Fireworks

Bonus Pak Rain

Bonus Pak Snow

Bonus Pak Fog & Water