Shoot for us

LayerCake is looking for shooter/contributors everywhere the world. We are reviewing portfolios of nature photography, sky photos, animals and unique background designs. Perhaps you have a large database of images or outtakes that are not being marketed as stock, or maybe out of date images archived away on DVDs. Our criteria is much different than traditional stock, we’re only interested in extracting pieces or elements from your images in order to mask.

We look for images where the subject is somewhat isolated from the background. As an example, a tree shot against a sky is a good candidate for masking. The easier we can distinguish the outer edge of an element the easier it is to mask out.

These are the general categories of interest:

– Trees
– Flowers
– Plants, shrubbery and landscaping
– Birds and animals; domestic, farm and wildlife
– Artistic backgrounds and textures

Please submit an online thumbnail sheet for review, images must be 300 dpi, high-res, shot on DSLR’s of at least 12 megapixels. A royalty structure is being developed based on iStockPhoto’s royalty criteria.

Inquire at 818-542-3500, speak to Harry Kerker or email