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America On Location - Hollywood Billboards

America On Location - Hollywood Billboards

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StudioMagic/LayerCake Elements Billboard Collection.

We took all the work out of compositing. Creating amazing composites no longer requires being a Photoshop Zen Master or understanding the mind numbing process of making cutouts. We do all the work for you, creating eye popping fully assembled studios that you can customize with your eyes closed!

There is nothing else like the StudioMagic/LayerCake Elements Billboard Collection. These 'template' billboard (aso called photoboards) images are easily customized with your backgrounds and subjects; thereby, you create a unique look which differentiates you from the competition.

The StudioMagic Billboards Collection Contains:

• 30 - High-Resolution, 300 ppi, @ 11” X 14, layered Images. Simply add your subjects.

• "EasySelect” channels for clean one-click placement of backgrounds and pop-outs

• Bonus accent layers, like spotlights, birds, trees, moon etc.

• Themes include: Sports; Children's; Hollywood; Las Vegas; RT66; and many more.

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Please view the slideshow below which features sample ideas for The Billboard Collection

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