Holiday Greetings $49.00

Imagine greetings created with drag and drop ornaments that can be personalized, colorful holiday sayings against custom designed backgrounds, then in one click you create a signature template that can be used over and over.

Holiday Greetings includes: 104 Drag & Drop Ornaments, 338 greeting card backgrounds, 96 Drag & Drop holiday phrases, 52 one-click card making actions & 109 one-click styles for coloring typography.


(104) Drag & Drop Ornaments
(177) / 5″ X 7″ Vertical & Horizontal Card Backgrounds
(161) / 4″ X 8″ Vertical & Horizontal Card Backgrounds


Plus Lots of Extras!


Big Sur B&A

Bride & Child B&A

Bride on lawn B&A

Bride on Stairs B&A

Buddy Styles Pallet


Cows for B&A

Cumulus – A

David Hernandez

DeeDee Dallas