Green Screening

Green Screen Photography

Using LayerCake with green screening is a natural. Green Screening is the process of shooting your subject against a chroma key green background and layering it over a new background of your choosing. Green screening can be done with backgrounds of any color that are uniform and distinct, such as white & black, but green and blue backgrounds are more commonly used for green screening because they differ most distinctly in hue from most human skin colors and no part of the subject being photographed should duplicate the color used in the green screening background. You see green screening used all the time on television newscasts as the weather reporter stands in front of a large weather map. He’s actually doing his report in front of a green screen, then being layered over the map.

Green screening can be done a number of ways. In a photo studio or stage with a large commercially available roll-up. Green screening can also be done quite inexpensively, which we use in LayerCake production by using a fold up green screen on location. A good green screening tip is, if the subject is stationary and larger than your green screen such as a large rose bush, place your camera on a tripod and shoot multiple images moving the green screen until the entire background of the subject has been covered. Then composite those images in Photoshop as one, it’s a perfect solution for green screening.

So how does green screening work with LayerCake? We create large collections of hi-quality, high-resolution backgrounds for all occasions. Green screening backgrounds for sports, high-school seniors, children, weddings, any special occasion you can imagine. Green screening background collections include such subjects as flowers, Tiffany glass, antique cars, graffiti, Americana, sandy beaches, textured sandstone, playful dinosaurs, Hollywood, baseball, soccer, softball and football plus special seasonal and holiday collections.  Use the proper green screening technique and when combined with a LayerCake background you now have a valuable keepsake for any family to enjoy. LayerCake and green screening, it’s the perfect combination for profit.