Great sky photo backgrounds to enhance your photos



Skies and clouds can be great photo backgrounds because the clouds often form low-contrast and interesting textures for your photo. But sometimes, skies can appear pale or ghastly that can destroy your photo. The sky can be overexposed resulting to a washed out sky taking away the details in the clouds.

The usual way of avoiding this problem is by using a neutral density filter, which is essentially a black-to-transparent gradient attached to the lens of your camera, fading from black at the top down to transparent at the bottom.

Enhance the sky in a photo, bring out details in the clouds, improve the contrast and increase the color saturation. All these things can be done at once using a very simple technique.

You can replace the sky in an image in a variety of ways. One of these techniques is the use of the Blend If tool. It avoids the need to make a detailed selection around the area of the sky to replace. With the use of this tool, you can blend two layers together depending on the overall lightness or darkness of the top or bottom layer or depending on the lightness or darkness of a color on the top or bottom layer.
Or if you want to replace entirely your background, the Eraser Tool will come in handy.

You can download your desired sky background or probably you can fuse your own sky photo to your other photos. Or you can also check out Collections in this website, click Elements, and choose Skies. We offer you over 100 magnificent sky images.

You can see some photography tips and tutorials in this website. Go to LayerCake Tutorials, and then click Skies and Clouds. Featured in it are some photography tips and video tutorials to achieve that perfect sky for your photo.

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