Fix Photos

Fix Photos with Our Elements collections

Using LayerCake elements to Fix Photos is a snap. We’ve all needed to Fix Photos, because not all photos are perfect right out of the camera. As an example there are many images done in a wedding shoot that are rejected because of a dead background, no color, a power line or a blown out sky. The couple may like the photo of them, but outright reject it simply because the background was dull.

Now you can Fix Photos such as these by simply dragging and dropping in the proper elements, such as colorful flowers, tree overhangs even beautiful skies. If you Fix Photos with LayerCake Elements, you will now have many more options for the bride and more opportunities to sell prints.

LayerCake Elements offer hundreds of meticulously masked layered images to Fix Photos such as trees, tree overhangs, shrubbery, planters, flower beds and groupings, grass, ivy, hedges, ornamentals, and manicured estate shrubbery.

You can also fix photos with blown out skies so you never have to worry about your exposure. Just shoot for the proper exposure of your subject and over expose the sky. With a blown out sky it’s easier to Fix Photos like this because the sky is easier to select. Once the sky is properly selected in PhotoShop, you simply select and copy the LayerCake sky you desire and paste into the selected sky area. Now there may be additional steps necessary to Fix Photos that are slightly more complicated such as in images with trees that encroach into the sky. But all of these instances to Fix Photos like these are covered in our tutorials section of the website.

You’ll also find large collections of birds and animals in our Elements collections to Fix Photos. By simply dragging in a flock of birds you can add additional interest, or if you’re a photo artist add a grouping of horses to a distant field. The possibilities to Fix Photos are endless with LayerCake.