What are LayerCake Elements?



Since before the time of Van Gogh, artists have gone into the field and drawn multiple sketches to be composited on canvas later. Van Gogh knew if a tree was necessary in the barren landscape he was sketching, he had the perfect one waiting in drawer full of sketches back at his studio. Today’s digital photographer uses these same principals and LayerCake Elements was created to put a sketch drawer full photographic elements at their fingertips

LayerCake Elements are professionally photographed and masked (backgrounds removed) plants, flowers, and trees etc., designed as accents to enhance and improve your images. Each element can be easily sized, stretched, cut, erased, lightened, darkened even duplicated to fit and compliment your photo.

Quite often the basic subject of your photo is good, but the background or landscape may be Spartan or the sky is blownout. With LayerCake Elements you can simply drag and drop elements to make your image more dramatic, creative and saleable as well.

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