CloudBanks and Cloud Formations $129.00

120 All New Drag & Drop Cloud Formations and CloudBanks. Sky replacement can take a lot of time, but not every sky needs a full replacement. Many images shot on cloudless days have brilliant blue skies, but they lack interest and the drama that cloud formations can bring. From big puffy Cumulus to Wispy Cirrus, with a simple Drag & Drop, make any cloudless sky more exciting. Each Cloud Formation & Cloud Bank is a 300 dpi smart object that can easily be enlarged for any size image.

Compatible with any version of Photoshop & recent versions of Elements that can work with layers. All LayerCake collections are compatible with Mac OS or Windows PCs. Sky enhancement tutorials with drag & drop clouds are included and online.

If you already own the Drag & Drop Clouds & CloudBanks Lite Collection, we will discount this collection with proof of purchase.

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Cumulus – A

Cumulus – B





Cirrus – A

Cirrus – B

Cirrus CloudBanks – A

Cirrus CloudBanks – B