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Cloud Banks & Cloud Formations

Cloud Banks & Cloud Formations

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Save time with our exclusive, drag-n-drop, Cloud Banks & Cloud Formations Bundle.

Sky replacement can take a lot of time; moreover, not every sky needs to be replaced. Truthfully, many images taken on cloudless days have brilliant blue skies; yet lack the interest and drama cloud formations bring. LayerCake has mastered the technique of shooting, and extracting, cloud formations and cloud banks. With these expertly masked and extracted cloud formations and cloud banks, all on 300ppi layered TIFF or PSD sheets, it is simple to drag and drop a cloud, a formation, or an entire bank of clouds, into your photos... in seconds. Each cloud formation or cloud bank image is fully scalable and able to be distorted to create perspective; stretched across a big sky; cut; or, duplicated and erased to get just the look you want.

These 120 drag & drop cloud formations and cloud banks - ranging from big puffy Cumulus to Wispy Cirrus - from StudioMagic/LayerCake Elements, are ALL NEW and not part of the Ultimate Skies Collection.

Cloud Banks & Cloud Formations Bundle Highlights:

♦  Over 150 drag & drop clouds and cloud banks

♦  Each cloud image is a 300 ppi, scalable smart object

♦  Easier and faster than complicated sky replacements

♦  A simple drag & drop process takes only seconds

♦  Adds instant drama to any sky

♦  Easy enough for novice Photoshop users

♦  Create more curb appeal in real estate images

♦  Comprehensive video tutorials make it easy to do

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