Buddy Bundle

Buddy Bundle

135 unique high-res background images and a boatload of one click Photoshop tools to make portrait and album building a snap. 135, 300 dpi backgrounds in sizes 11” X 14″, 12” X 24 and 10” X 20” Subjects include; children, traditional, high school, sports, Americana and a sampling of mixed subjects. Each can be re-sized or cropped to fit any custom mat size or used as digital backgrounds. Hundreds of actions and styles for coloring typography, building albums, one click portrait mats and studio templates.

Buddy Styles Pallet

Project Buddy Actions

Template Buddy Actions

Production Buddy Actions

Frames 1

Frames 2

Script Monograms

Script Ornaments

Wood Ornaments

Varsity Letterset

14 Drag & Drop Vignettes