Buddy Studio Pak

Buddy Studio Pak $149.95

It’s a virtual production studio that will speed up your workflow and make you more money. Includes over 180 actions for building albums, one click portrait mats, studio templates for brochures, business cards, zed cards, DVD Jewel cases and dynamic image filters, everything you need to promote your business. It also includes a 189 styles pallette for coloring monograms, dingbats, and high school varsity letters, plus 35 Americana Backgrounds, 50 museum quality frames, and 14 Drag & Drop Vignettes.

Buddy Styles Pallet

Project Buddy Actions

Template Buddy Actions

Production Buddy Actions

Frames 1

Frames 2

Script Monograms

Script Ornaments

Wood Ornaments

Varsity Letterset

14 Drag & Drop Vignettes