Americana Vol 1

Americana Vol 1 $49.95

Twenty-five 11” X 14” portrait size background images heralding back to our great American heritage. Beautifully aged and time-worn 19th Century architecture, antique autos, turn of the century shops and rural landscapes from New England to the Old West. You can easily re-crop or add your own creative touch, with any of the popular filters such as Topaz or Nik. Each background is a 300 dpi high-resolution jpeg.

Americana Vol.1-1

Americana Vol.1-2

Americana Vol.1-3

Americana Vol.1-4

Americana Vol.1-5

Americana Vol.1-6

Americana Vol.1-7

Americana Vol.1-8

Americana Vol.1-9

Americana Vol.1-10

Americana Vol.1-11

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