Making Cooler Images

LayerCake Elements, drag & drop your way to a masterpiece!

van_Gogh_self_portraitWe’d like to think LayerCake is a revolutionary new concept, but quite frankly, it‘s a concept great artists have been using for centuries. Artists like Van Gogh would trek to the countryside, sketch pad in hand. He would sketch an unusual tree, a turbulent sky or a horse grazing in a distant field, then back at his studio he would assemble his sketches into a masterpiece.

We’ve perfected that concept for the modern photographer by creating collections of easy to drag & drop elements, to enhance photos, fix and finish your photographs. We’ve photographed and meticulously masked (backgrounds removed) thousands of plants, flowers, trees, animals, even lightning bolts, then placed them on layered Photoshop pallettes and made them easy to drag and drop into your photos.

LayerCake collections are super easy to use and there’s no new software to learn. Anyone with basic Photoshop skills can use them. All LayerCake collections are compatible with PC or MAC, and can be opened in Photoshop or virtually any photo application that opens tiff files.

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